It doesn’t really come as a suprise but Julian Jordan just announced he is leaving Spinnin’ Records/ Music Allstars Management. We are very keen to hear the upcoming work by Julian Jordan. Good news: his first single is ready to go on Revealed Records by Hardwell!

Full statement:

I’d like to inform all of my fans and followers that i won’t continue my deal with Spinnin’ Records and their management company MusicAllStars MGMT. The last few months we’ve been trying to sign a new agreement with Spinnin’ Records but unfortunately we couldn’t agree on a new deal. The last couple of weeks we have build a new Julian Jordan team which gives me more freedom than before. I will give you guys more new music and i’m happy to announce that my next single will be released on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. I’ve never felt more creative, and can’t wait to show you all what i’m working on. Big love to all my fans and hope to see you soon !

Julian <|



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