A brand new track has landed on MXUP Records by Teknoclash and Avoid. “Tell” is one of those tracks you just want to put on repeat, we have already played this track out loud in our office for the last 4 weeks, and we are still enjoying it as we speak! Finally you can grab your own copy at Beatport and Spotify. We have also added the track to our We Want EDM Playlist:

Teknoclash met Avoid a while ago over the internet and they had a connection due to their same passion for electronic music. Actually they did some tracks together but they decided to not put them out, due to they can’t fell it. A couple of weeks ago they started the production of „Tell“ and they instantly felt that this can become a very good, modern, quality and unique tune due to that it has a futurehouse drop and a EDM-Breakdown, so its sort of a hybrid between 2 of the EDM Subgenres. It fell all together and the track was done after a couple of weeks with producing, creating and mixing. Now the release is scheduled for the 08th of February.

You can also listen to this track on Youtube:

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