Back in September, Snapchat revealed that it has decided to change its name to Snap, Inc and aside from announcing these news, the company also shared details about a brand new pair of sunglasses they were planning to release. These ones are named “Spectacles” and those who are using them can record videos, thanks to a 115 degree lens that mirrors a person’s field of vision.

Well, the sunglasses went on sale just a few days ago and are available to purchase only via Snapbots, which are moving vending machines that will stay in one spot for only a day before moving to the next location. If you can find one of these, you must know that the glasses come in teal, black and coral and you can grab them for the price of $130. You can see below how the Snapbot looks like and make sure to be on the lookout, maybe you will have the chance to track it down.




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