Ben Chu wrote an awesome article about the risks of MDMA for Independent discussing the risks of using MDMA, the outcome is pretty surprising: Riding a horse is far more dangerous than using MDMA.

“Six years ago the Government’s chief drugs adviser, David Nutt, alerted us to a frightening addiction called “equasy”.

Equasy, as Nutt described it, was a pursuit that released adrenaline and pleasurable endorphins into the brain. It was also extremely dangerous, often fatal. Nutt reckoned that around one in every 350 usages of equasy resulted in acute physical harm. Worse still, this was an addiction that had in its grip tens of thousands of people across Britain, including small children.

Equasy was horse-riding. Nutt’s point was that, objectively speaking, riding a horse is a far more dangerous hobby than taking little MDMA pills, or ecstasy, in nightclubs. While he calculated that 1 in 350 horse-riding episodes resulted in harm, that was only the case with 1 in 10,000 episodes of ecstasy use. And yet ecstasy was a Class A banned drug and the object of great waves of concern from the media and politicians, while horse-riding was not.”

Taking illegal drugs can never be safe but this write up shows a different side of the story the large media always tells us: drugs do us harm but are they life threatening? In the end we all want a great night out, just like THUMP is showing us in the following mini documentary about partying all across the globe. Have you ever tried to explain a night out? It’s nearly impossible to put into words what being a part of the global club culture actually feels like. Blackout is a 30-minute original THUMP movie, directed by Dori Oskowitz, that follows the dramatic highs (and lows) of partiers all over the world. It’s an unadulterated and visceral tale of life from the pre-party to the afterhours, with tracks from your favorite artists along with original music by Cory Enemy and Audiofly.

Blackout is banana costumes and bunny ears, hands in the air and heads in the gutter, Cajmere jammed in the back of a cab and Clockwork buying party supplies (literally). From dawn to dusk, we travel around the globe on an epic adventure, following top DJs, promoters and hedonists in pursuit of the perfect party. Go behind the scenes with dance music godfathers Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Richie Hawtin and take to the main stage with Dada Life, Above & Beyond, and Baauer. Experience sunrise on beaches of Mexico and in the mountains of Chile to sunset on the balconies of Paris and midnight in the streets of Tokyo and NYC. From the hugest dance music festivals or the most bleeding-edge underground parties, we channel that indescribable feeling that we all know but none of us can name.

Press play and prepare to Blackout.

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