Following The Chainsmokers’ long awaited release of their debut album Memories…Do Not Open, and despite its immediate leap to the top of several major album sales charts, the Internet has come together to collectively mock and denounce the quality of most of its tracks. One Reddit subreddit in particular, r/EDM, had a special series of criticisms of the work, asking users to comment on a post with a description using only four words. The results, as one might guess, were harsh to say to least.

At the top of writing, nearly all of the top rated replies regarded the album with extreme negativity, with some even referring to the songs as “garbage” and “really horrible.” Meanwhile, at the very bottom of list, a few users said that they enjoyed Memories…Do Not Open. Unfortunately for the fans, their kind words were shoved to the end of the comment thread.
Check out a few of the conversation’s highlights below, and say a prayer for The Chainsmokers.




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