Lost in a Box

London – a city of mystery you will never forget should you ever tread its rainy streets. Within its fog lay the secrets time cannot erase and the enigma of future promises.

Of course, your departure into the Old Smoke truly begins at dusk…

The night awakens a new life in the city, one fueled by trance and clubs. If you listen close enough, you will probably hear the streets echoing its anthem, “Lost in a Box.”

On April 08, Markus Schulz will return to the city that inspired his unforgettable track. The city holds special meaning for the internationally recognized legend. The “Unicorn Slayer” lived in London for nearly two years, immersing himself in the city’s club scene. At the Ministry of Sound, Schulz discovered and perfected his skills as a DJ in the Ministry’s main room, the Box.

A trance icon known for the Global DJ Broadcast, Schulz will no doubt repay London and it’s unparalleled nightlife with his own mysterious vibe. Get lost in the trance of Markus Schulz; get lost in the Box…

Admission: Tickets start at 23 €. See Markus Schulz’s site for more details: http://www.markusschulz.com/tourdates/

When: April 08 2016

Where: The Gallery at the Ministry of Sound

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