Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (#1 or not?)

Hello everyone, i’m Lorenzo, an italian guy that loves EDM more than everybody and it’s my lifestyle. I was introduced into this world watching the Tomorrowland aftermovie in 2011, and, since that moment my life changed, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike was like two icon that i needed to follow.

During the years i found a big family of “smashers”(Dimitri & Mike fans) from all around the world, but I found also a lot of haters that had to say everything bad on them without any reason.

“Which track will be my #1 favorite Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike track?”

So, now, I’m going to write my personal Top 10 of the track they made during the years, so you can enjoy some good tracks and maybe change idea on them. Let’s start!

10-Momentum(vs. Regi)

That is one of the very first EDM tracks i ever listened to and it’s one of my favourite, surely because of the melody on the build-up, one of the most well done by them.

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