Jeff Mills is considered the most brilliant DJ and producer of Techno Music in the World. He is the most recognized representative figure of Detroit Techno. In 1992, Jeff Mills created his own label in Chicago called “Axis” which is now one of the most renown and probably the biggest underground Techno Label in the world.  Jeff Mills’ artistic career goes much further than techno music. For over a decade, he’s been transcending disciplines with a large number of collaborations in contemporary art. Interested in cinema and attracted by images, Jeff Mills started working, in 2000, on the fusion of image and sound.

In 2004, R-232533-1150234786.jpegJeff Mills produced the DVD “Exhibitionist” which presents DJ sets filmed from various angles (from front, top and side).
The DVD was published by REACT from Thomas Foley and James Horrocks.
With the release of the DVD also came a new EP Called The Exhibitionist EP.

The EP included three tracks:

1    Paradise

2    The Unseen With Man From Tomorrow

3    Cobalt



After more than 10 years Jeff Mills Created The Exhibitionist Part 2 which was a 2 DVD box set including a live mix cd. The DVD was said to explain a lot more about the mindset, and the concepts, and the procedure of how a DJ does what he does. Typically with the release of the DVD Box The follow up EP was also right around the corner. Including never heard before exclusive studio material.

CS572759-01A-BIGOn July 2th 2015 The Exhibitionist 2 part 1 was released on Jeff Mills own Imprint “Axis”.
The 4 track EP included :


1    Signals to atomic one

2    A-B


1    Spiralism

2    Optic

And if that was not enoug
h later that year The Exhibitionist 2 part 2 was released which had 4 tracks in total. All four tracks where created during the recordings of the DVD. Thus all four tracks where name Studio take 1,2 and 3 and Studio take Extra.

The Exhibitionist’ series have already become legendary amongst fans of Techno and Jeff Mills. And now another pearl is in the making. Jeff Mills announced that there will be a third EP Coming later this year.
On his facebook he posted :

ALERT. Coming soon. Jeff Mills releases his third and final 12″ vinyl release of the Exhibitionist 2 project. Have all 3 at

With doing so Techno Geeks and Freaks can look forward to another mind blowing trip into the futuristic world of Detroit Techno.
Sadly we can also assume by reading this post that the series will end with part 3.

However Jeff Mills would not be Jeff Mills if things turned out to be different in the future.



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