Axwell and Ingrosso with a new Music video

Axwell and Ingrosso has caught the world by storm with their latest single “Dream Bigger“. With its breathtaking progressions and rock-inspired guitar riffs, the track is set to dominate this year after already pleasing numerous crowds in 2015. The full version consisting of Pharell Williams is yet to be released and with the attention that the instrumental version has gathered, the vocal version will absolutely astonish fans even more.

Axwell /\ Ingrosso has recently uploaded an artistic video for the colossal track via Youtube. Featuring an ongoing ride in a /\-shaped tunnel, the video provides a mind-boggling and eye-popping visual experience. With the beautiful art moving alongside the duo’s masterful track, the video overall is a must-watch and will undoubtedly blow anyone’s mind.

The instrumental version of “Dream Bigger” is out now and you can grab a copy here.
Be sure that you DON’T WATCH this video when you are drunk! 🙂




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