Eric Prydz has just taken to his Pryda alias to release an unexpected three-track EP, comprised of tunes that span the complete spectrum of the progressive house legend’s iconic style. Featuring lengthy, ever-evolving melodies and powerful percussion sections, the brand new originals showcase Pryda is his natural, hybrid habitat.

The first, “Choo,” sees his production enter a dreamy and atmospheric environment complete with sparkling synth punches and pulsating bass. As the energy ebbs and flows throughout the length of the song, Pryda is able to take the listener on a psychedelic journey from start to finish that culminates in a positively anthemic close.

The next, “The Future,” takes listeners to a slightly darker realm of house. Ominous, UK-style basslines and punchy snares expertly combine the feelings of nostalgia and the wonder of innovation as Pryda crafts a timeless mixture of sounds old and new.

Wrapping up the three-track EP is “The End Is Just The Beginning,” an powerful yet refined piece that relies on simplicity and incredible sound design to give off its true impact. Stings of delayed synth and airy hi hats give this track an inherent groove that never seems to grow stale, despite the song’s nearly 10-minute length.

Purchase your copy of the EP now through Beatport!




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