The first day is a fact, Dancefair 2016 has kicked off and we have enjoyed every minute of it! We loved every minute of it! We did a full review on Snapchat (which you can still watch). We love the fair which included stands from all the major brands (Pioneer, KRK, Adam, Native Instruments, FL Studio and many more) but the highlight of the day was Hardwell with his Q&A.

“Do I have any records I regret? No, but when a record isn’t doing well I still learn from it – Hardwell”

The seminar of Hardwell included tracks like “Spaceman” and “Blackout” where he gave his insight, tips and tricks in how he made these #1 hits. Remember that Hardwell played the Carnaval’s hit “Paard in de gang” during his set in Argentina? That was actually a bet (which he won). His whole team is from The Netherlands and they didn’t believe he would play that actual record!

Back on track: Hardwell also revealed his secrets in mixing and mastering is done by himself, there is no 3rd party plugin that will make your track sound HUGE and good and you don’t need to master your tracks before you send it over. It’s about the idea of the track and the theme, not the final sound.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the John Christian masterclass part two and Sam Feldt in the studio. Follow us on snapchat and twitter to keep yourself updated. Tickets are still available for the Dancefair, you can grab yours right here!



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