10 Social Media Tips That Will Increase Your Engagement 2016

5. Don’t be a commercial…

we want edm spamOkay the first likes and comments are rolling in and you have just finished that awesome track or mixtape you just want to share with everybody. What is the first thing 90% of our followers do when this happens? Spamming us with Direct Messages, (fake) comments with a link to their track or mix, replies with the same link again on a different platform.

“We call this spam and most of all annoying”

A good blog, good content, track or mix doesn’t need to be pushed: it needs to be pulled. We stressed it enough already but we will repeat it again: content is king! If it is good enough people will like it and pick it up. There is absolutely no need to keep posting it every hour. You will end up losing followers and fans. Listen to your fans, follow their timelines. A good way to promote your mix for example is searching if people say “hey I love track X”, if that particular track is in your mix you might can send it over with a personal and genuine message.

Social Media is a two-way street. You cannot only send messages, you should most of all listen to your fans. Make them feel involved. Let’s use the same sample again that you want to make a mixtape. Remember that content is king, but you also need to schedule it?

post 1 (Monday)
Let’s say we start on monday and post a request to our followers and ask them which track they want in the mixtape.

post 2 (Wednesday)
two days later you post a new message and tag all the people who have been involved in the tracklisting of that mixtape. They will get hyped up since you also can announce that the mixtape will be live in 2 days!

Post 3 (Friday)
Your mix will be live, again you will share this and thank your fans/followers for contributing to the tracklisting and the mix. Since the track they requested is something they really want the chances are high that they will share this again with their followers since they are hyped as *beep*!!!!

In our experience this works so much better than randomly (automatically) spam people your mixtape, we couldn’t care less to be honest but if we got € 0,10 per spam message we would have be so rich that we would have written this blogpost somewhere on a beach while drinking a cocktail!

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