We have always enjoyed the sound and warmth of vinyl, and honestly: we miss those good old days sometimes where DJ’s brought their tracks with them in a huge backpack (and not on a USB or SD card). The warmth of the record really made some of the tracks back in the days shine. Though we have moved forward but every now and then we come across great new videos and posts from people who get really creative, and in this post we highlight one of the best vinyl tricks out there!

Though we have seen already several vinyl tricks videos out there, the one we share is maybe the most creative one out there. These vinyl tricks that have been highlighted in the video bellow really show how to make a brand new track using simple attributes and a creative mind!

For example Graham Dunning has done his upmost best to create a track from scratch just by being creative with a Technics SL vinyl player and other attributes, creating a music making tower of organic sounds! We love what he did, and are already looking forward to others (or maybe even himself) creating brand new videos while being creative with vinyl.



So what do you think of this video and the creativity that has been put in to this record, do you think you can beat this tower of creativity and make your own video showing your favorite vinyl tricks? We are already looking forward to it, if you make one please feel free to contact us so we can give you a personal spotlight on our website!



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