Tomorrowworld in 2016? Following SFX’s fall out, the US festival’s future is uncertain!

Dust has yet to settle from SFX’s recently announced, but long imminent bankruptcy and many are turning attention towards the many massive festivals and brands underneath the SFX umbrella. TomorrowWorld – one of SFX’s largest extensions from Belgium’s Tomorrowland – held annually in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, now is uncertain about its future.

“In light of the present situation, no concrete plans have yet been made for TomorrowWorld 2016,” spokesperson Debby Wilmsen stated following news breaking about the conglomerate’s bankruptcy.

Unfortunately for the three-day festival, SFX’s bankruptcy is not the only factor working against the event’s possible return. In 2015, TomorrowWorld’s final day was cancelled after extreme weather left thousands of festival attendees stranded outside in the cold. Uproar over the festival’s poor pre-emptive planning for the weather conditions and fall out attendees faced spread across the Internet, leaving the festival’s image unavoidably damaged. One online user explained: “Thousands [were] left sleeping on the sides of roads, hiking for miles, left in the middle of nowhere without no food, water, shelter and many not properly dressed or equipped to spend the night outside in cold, wet conditions.”

While it remains to be seen if TomorrowWorld will see a 2016 edition, Tomorrowland is moving forward without any foreseen problems. The Belgian event has already sold out and thousands remain on the waiting list for tickets.

Tomorrowland spokesperson says that the Belgian Event Will Continue, but Tomorrowworld’s fate is uncertain.

Source: mixmag