In anticipation of the Belgian festival’s 12th edition on July 22 to the 24, Tomorrowland has just released its latest video trailer, this time s a live action fairytale setting.“The Elixir of Life” follows a mystical herbalist as she wanders the woods in search of ingredients for a certain extract. She picks small buds and flowers, sealing them away in individual vials and pouches. As she collects plants and explores the forest, her narration tells the story of a fabled ingredient hidden away behind an impenetrable maze.

“The time has come for me to start my own quest for the ultimate perfume.”

As she blindfolds herself, using only her sense of smell to find the ingredient, the maze is shown in spectacular fashion ahead of her.

The video trailer is unlike any other from music festivals in its category. Instead of focusing on the production of the event, the screaming crowds or DJs themselves, Tomorrowland has chosen instead to capture the underlying feeling and mystique behind the festival’s art style. The result is a beautifully and truly immersive story that will surely have prospective attendees of the July event clamoring for more details.

Watch the trailer in full below.




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