Spurious singles confirmed

Since the release of the succes album “Forever” in August 2015 it has been a bit quiet around Spurious, but this doesn’t mean that nothing was happening behind the scenes. In fact there are two singles confirmed for release on Sunset Music. 


Spurious is the name of the succesful Chill-out project from John Deviate. Until now John was best known from his progressive house songs like: Memories, Today and Bang Bang which you can listen here. In August 2015 Spurious had his debut album on ADSR Records and it went so well that a sequel was inevitable. The album made it to the first position on the Beatport Chill-out Top 100 Releases.

Spurious on number 1


Sunset Music

Bas Kunnen recently started ‘Sunset Music’ and with this label he is focussing on the best chill-out music available, which makes it the ideal label for the next SpuriSpurious on Sunset Musicous release. Bas is no stranger in the world of music, he did a lot of live performances on big festivals,  made a lot of music under multiple names and worked with a lot of well known artists like Fedde Le Grand and Marco V.

Release date

There are two singles from Spurious signed to Sunset Music, both with their own set of remixes. Because the announcement is very early there is no release date available at this moment, but you can assume that the singles will be released in 2016.


The two announced singles won’t be the only two releases for Spurious in 2016, there is a lot more on schedule but we can’t give all the details right now. What we can say is that 2016 will be massive and if you love Spurious then 2016 will be a great year for you!


While waiting for the release of the singles there are multiple things you can do:
If you haven’t heard the album ‘Forever’ yet (which made it to the first place on the Beatport Chill-out Top 100 Releases), then you can listen/buy it on many stores like beatport and itunes for example. When you’re the lucky owner of a Spotify or Deezer subscription you can stream it for free: Click here for Deezer and click here for Spotify.

Spurious on social media

Wait no longer and start following Spurious now so you don’t have to miss a single thing about this promising artist: Facebook, twitter, instagram.

John Deviate

If you like the sound of Spurious then you might also like the sound of John Deviate who is the producer behind Spurious. The songs got a firmer beat, but still got the elements which makes music special. John is always focussing on giving a song that ‘special touch’. He grew up with the music of Tiësto, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren in their early days. Ferry Corsten recently said the following in his announcement about Gouryella:

“I’ve always loved the musical qualities that make up the Gouryella sound, and in the time when so much trance is swaying too far to EDM, I want to bring big melodies back to a scene I’ve spent my entire career championing.”

Ferry is talking about what John called “the special touch“.
Nowadays there are many releases without that ‘touch’, a lot of them literally feels like products made by machines instead of music made by human/producers. John wants to bring the big melodies back to the scene, just like Ferry said!

If you want to follow John Deviate you can visit: FacebookTwitterInstagramiTunesBeatport

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