If you really are an EDM enthusiast this documentary should be 100% on your watch list! Liquid Vinyl (10th Year Anniversary HD Edition) is a must see documentary for all upcoming and starting deejays across the globe. We feel that it is very important for the new (young and upcoming) generation to know about the roots of Electronic Dance Music. This movie is not only interesting for those who are just starting out with Electronic Dance Music, but also very interesting if you have been in the scene for a very long time, and want to feel the vibe from” back in the day.’ The build-up, the way it’s filmed and the scenery of this documentary are great, it will be your best investment of 2015!

You can watch the preview of Liquid Vinyl  here:

Liquid Vinyl – 10th Anniversary HD Edition from Seventh Art Releasing on Vimeo.

About the documentary

LIQUID VINYL is Taylor Neary’s first feature documentary. Utilizing interviews with legendary DJ artists from the dance music world interspersed with special moments from the global club scene, Neary provides that unique insight into a global phenomenon that continues to shape cultures around the world through music. This non-fiction film is a dance music lovers delight as it includes an incredible array of interviews with such music masters as Frankie Knuckles (aka The Godfather of House); David Morales (one of the few to play at the Paradise Garage); Tony Humphries (defined the NJ sound at club Zanzibar); “Little” Louie Vega (partnered with Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez to form the prolific production duo, Masters at Work); Carl Cox (pioneered the rave scene in England); Goldie (pioneered the Drum ‘n’ Base scene in England); Jason Bentley; Marques Wyatt; Roger Sanchez; Mark Lewis; Tedd Patterson; Lady Bunny; Susan Morabito; D:Fuse ; Victor Calderone; and many others. LIQUID VINYL brings together the DJ’s, the people behind the scene, and the dancers from the floor that all ultimately share in the magic of the music. It’s not just about glow sticks and the grinding beat – but a whole culture defined by their love of dance music and an artist that can take a box full of records, mix them together and literally spin the dancer into oblivion.

What we think of the documentary

The first part of this documentary tells the story of Frankie Knuckles and his peak moments at the world-famous “Warehouse” in Chicago (USA). You will get a good picture of what the vibe was back in those days, where he got his records that got the crowd going, and how he got famous in the House community.

Frankie Knuckles is followed up by Tony Humphries (who is a true House hero for me personally) who talks about his discontent with clubs and bars (owners) in his city and how he ended up at Zanzibar. Besides Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries we also saw interviews with Louie Vega, Judge Jules, Carl Cox, Ferry Corsten, David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Marques Wyatt and others.

All Deejays (and producers) who are featured in this documentary are founders (or have contributed a lot) to the Electronic Dance Music community we have today. They have all been working passionately in the industry with pure love for the music, and the people who visited the clubs. The documentary really shows how the connection was with the fans ‘back in the day’ and how the underground scene (with illegal House parties) moved to raves then to festivals and eventually into the clubs.

A side that we really missed in Liquid Vinyl is the growing competition between the deejays and producers. This is partly due to the very positive approach of the documentary itself. We feel that this is also a side that should be known by the public – where deejays have always worked very hard to get where they are today. The bright side is after watching this documentary we really feel that you get inspired in a very positive way to explore new roads in the dance scene.

Summarizing the movie we can say it has been well put together with great stories about the roots of Dance music. And that old ‘House Veterans’ who feel the nostalgia of the past will incite the heartbeats of the new generation to beat faster.

If you do not understand the emotions Taylor Neary & George Reasner want you to feel via this documentary you will never understand the Electronic Dance Music scene…

LIQUID VINYL – the story of Electronic Dance Music told by the World’s Greatest DJs.  10 Yr. Anniversary Edition, Remastered in HD, Exclusively available @ https://vimeo.com/ondemand/liquidvinyl  or visit us a www.LiquidVinylMovie.com!