Like many of our surrounding peers, there are several of us here at Your EDM who regularly enjoy combining two of our favorite things: music and weed. There are seldom times when we feel as connected to the overlapping melodies and rhythms, or as consciously aware of their complexity and beauty, than when listened to after taking a few puffs from our piece of glass, roll or vaporizer of choice. It’s for this reason that today, April 20, is one of our most anticipated times of the year, and why we’ve endeavored to provide a few special songs in this, our short list of the Best Songs to Smoke Weed To.Despite the criticism that 4/20 only stands as an excuse to over-smoke and make a fuss about the whole endeavor on social media, we like to think of the occasion as a chance to revisit the specific tracks and mixes that we personally associate with the holiday. For me, whenever the day comes, I bring myself back to several of the songs I’ve listed below.

Organized in no particular order, nor by any level of importance or quality, here are seven tracks that I’ll always come back to on this day. For me, the slow and gentle melodies mixed in with unique percussion choices and overall emotional level of these tracks creates the perfect, weed-appropriate vibe. Listen to the choices below, and let us know what your go-tos are on the holiday.

Without further ado, here are our…

7 Best Songs To Smoke Weed To:

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