There are no words to accurately describe the life-changing experience I just had, so I’ll do my best to convey what I am feeling right now. Interstellar made me reconsider the philosophical prospects of introspective, as well as universal, exploration. Inception completely changed my outlook on reality and the psychological demeanor of the human mind. Now McDonald’s has made me interrogate my very being and question the significance of our existentialist actuality.You may think I’m crazy, but you can’t comprehend the sheer power of a McFlurry and Big Mac from McDonald’s Nederland until you watch what it does to Afrojack. I mean, the man clearly just bombed one of the biggest sets of his life, disappointing thousands of culturally appropriated fans. Any one of us would be absolutely devastated, but our determined protagonist wouldn’t quit. Not until he somehow traveled from Tokyo to the Netherlands at superspeed to order a Big Mac and what’s hopefully an Oreo McFlurry.

Thank you Afrojack. Thank you.



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