Vital IdiotVital Idiot 1st Q 2015 live mixtape: Vital Idiot has mixed a tape live consisting some of his favourite tracks from the past and present. The mixtape blends house, deep house and tech house happily together and might include some surprises even for deep house-heads. U can also find a sneak peak to Vital Idiot’s upcoming EP, so pay attention! Huge bass lines and rolling beats ahead, protect your parents.

Remember to check out VI’s debut single Further:

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Frederico Scavo – Balada
Vital Idiot – Further
Winx – Don’t Laugh (Acapella)
Muzzaik – Gravy
The Lawyer – I Wanna Mmm
Agent Orange – N.Y. Rap
Melvin & Klein – Keep It On
Vital Idiot – 909 Problems But A Bitch Ain’t One (from upcoming EP!)
Black Legend, Damon Gray (aka Lucas Reyes) – This Is Me
Charles Feelgood, Felipe Avelar – Bebop
Gary Caos – Soul Power (Sax Power 2K13)
D.Ethics – Better Than Yours
A1 Bassline – Burnt Out Piano Island
Top Drums 16C Gm 128bpm (DJ Tool)
Catz ‘n Dogz – Drop It
Vital Idiot – Only (unreleased)



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