The combination of wealth, assets and interests is something one always aims to achieve within their lifetime. Owning an EDM island and hosting a number of electronic dance music related events and activities is one many of us would share, as a dream not a reality.

However a UK promoter has taken the leap from fantasy to reality by purchasing a Croatian island. And this isn’t just any island, its a sun-kissed, beach covered one surrounded by the Mediterranean blue.

According to Resident Advisor, “Sound Channel, the UK promoter behind the annual Unknown Festival, has bought a Croatian island.”

While ownership rights aren’t legally theirs, they’ve acquired the ability to use the island’s infrastructure for their use. Set to be named after the island itself, Obonjan, Sound Channel are looking to turn the island into an all-catering destination for international tourists. With music, art and culture fused together, the encompassing theory will likely leave you with a cherished period of time, than just highlights from a single festival.

“We’ve been working on this project for three years which has given us time to carefully refine our ideas,” Sound Channel’s Dan Blackledge told Music Week. “Our vision for the island of Obonjan is to regenerate the island and turn it into a truly unique concept, combining art and music, wellness, sustainable living, amazing food and drink and fun and creative accommodation, all on an idyllic island paradise.” Project promoter Kristijan Gržetić added: “Croatia till now is recognised as a destination for families, and this project will put it up there with world trends, as an urban and modern destination.”

While other details surrounding the island are few and far between, Obonjan looks set to be a glowing addition to the EDM fans bucket list of must-do’s. Stay tuned for more details!
H/T: YourEDM



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