Redditor /u/Looknee just built a website that aggregates your SoundCloud likes into a virtual library that’s completely searchable by text and filters, and yep, totally free. Essentially muscling the service into a Spotify-esque streaming library, is a pretty nifty tool if only built for fun and experience. Here’s what Looknee had to say in the original post:

“As a little side project I made a website that loads all (well, all that soundcloud will allow) of the songs from your likes and lets you navigate through them all by searching by title, artist, plays, and date added to your library. You can also filter out all remixes or originals, search through by text, and shuffle. I ended up building it just because I hate having to scroll through hundreds of page paginations just to get to older stuff from years ago that I like. It’s all a single standalone html file hosted on Amazon’s S3 service. Nothing gets sent to any servers except for Google Analytics which I just have to count pageviews, and all your info is just saved locally within your browser, so privacy is of no concern. Check it out if you’d like, and please give me any tips on how to improve it, any bugs you might find, etc etc.”

Although it’s totally in violation of SoundCloud’s API Terms of Use, we can’t deny how badass this is and only wish SoundCloud would have integrated this feature themselves…

Check out the website here before the snarling orange nebula takes it down.


H/T Reddit



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