It couldn’t have eluded you… Lost Frequencies (Felix de Laet) quickly became a seemingly unstoppable force within Electronic Music. Whether switching on the radio, enjoying a night out, or simply going about your business in old fashion, his distinctive summer vibes keep finding their way to your ears. Well, we didn’t need any more of a reason to sit down with the Belgian prodigy. We asked him about his latest and second hit single ‘Reality’, the effects of his success on his life, and his forthcoming headlining performance at Armada Music’s very own Armada Deep event at Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.


Welcome, Felix. Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us, especially since calling your schedule ‘jam-packed’ is quite the understatement. Can you tell us a bit about how your life has changed since the success of your two hit singles: ‘Are You With Me’ and ‘Reality’?
“Well, a few months ago, I was just a student. Now, I travel the world, see places I never thought I’d be seeing, and get to play my music everywhere. So yes, a lot has changed since then! I work a lot, but I like what I do. And that’s the best thing there is.”

It seems like the entire music world wants to gobble up your spare time. Where do you find the sought-after moments of peace and quiet to produce these chart-topping singles?
“It’s difficult, to say the least. But I try to make the best of it. I try to create windows of spare time as often as possible, because in the end, making music is what I like. Luckily, I’m able to produce anywhere, whether I’m travelling by train, plane, or car. Nothing beats my home studio though.”



Very few artists have been this successful with their first two singles. Can you tell us how this changed your life? Is there any part of your life that has remained exactly as it was before?
“There is not much left of my old life, except for my friends and family. When I go out at night and attend the parties I usually go to, it does sometimes become a trip down memory lane, but that’s merely a little jump in the past. It would be really cool to be able to just hang out like before though.”

What was the exact moment when you started to fully comprehend the success of your first hit single ‘Are You With Me’? Did you even think about the possibility that ‘Reality’ could match the success of that single?
“I still don’t realize or comprehend the success of both tracks. I surely never expected ‘Reality’ to become this big, maybe even bigger than ‘Are You With Me’. So I’m just really happy that people like my music and wish to share it with everybody.”

You’ve recently played the Tomorrowland stage for the very first time. How have you experienced this milestone in your blooming career and what was the most memorable part of that performance?
“I loved playing there. It was actually quite funny, because it was raining during my set. Not that such depressing weather is a joy to behold, but I only noticed the rain after I had finished my set, because everybody stayed anyway! It was really cool to see that everybody stayed for my set, even though the weather wasn’t nice. Apart from that, I loved playing my tracks and remixes of course. It’s an amazing feeling to see the reaction of the people in front of you when playing your own tracks.”


You are set to headline Armada Music’s very own Armada Deep event at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. What will you be bringing to the table during the event? What kind of music will you be playing and what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?
“I made a lot of mashups with the Lost Frequencies sound included. So in essence, I’ll be playing classic tracks with deeper sounds and vibes. I’m not going to describe my whole set though; I just hope to see you there!”

What’s next for Lost Frequencies ?
“I hope I will be able to release an album soon, because I’ve got a lot of exciting tracks that I want to share with all my fans. And I strive to be playing for my fans a lot more. I always try to do my best when performing, because they’re the reason I’m able to play these stages at all.”

And finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans that are with you every step along the way?
“Thank you! I just want to say thank you. Thanks to you guys, I’m able to live the life I never even dared to dream of!”