EDM Workout Tips

Another year has past and again we have arrived in the period of good intentions.
Every year again a lot of people are fighting against overweight. I have been training in the gym for 15 years and every time again when the new year starts after all those holidays full of calories I see the ‘one day’ people who restart the fight again and then unfortunately can’t hold on longer than 3 months before they turn back into old, bad habits. If you are one of them I hope that this year is going to be different for you. At least I will help you a bit by writing some short EDM Workout Tips and mental tips / motivation on this website to make your weight reduction easier. Today I will kick of with two tips:

Wake up 30 minutes earlier and have a cardio session of 30 minutes (depending on your level of training) before you have your breakfast. Try to make this your new habit for 3 or 4 times per week.

Because there is no food in your stomach your body will directly start taking old stocks for energy! Normally you have got to workout for 20 till 25 minutes before this proces is starting, so there is a big advantage here! Of course there are also cons: you’ve got to wake up earlier, some people might not be able to exercise before breakfast because their body will scream for food first and will do everything to let you know that (you will become dizzy for example). Also for people who set ‘building muscles’ as their goal there are cons. To maintain muscle there are calories needed, of course you know that when you train without having carbs in your body you will also burn some muscle while exercising. Besides that the cortisol levels are higher (stress hormon) in the morning which will make you lose muscle even easier. You can catch this by taking a protein shake or amino’s before starting the early morning cardio session.


Take some uplifting music with you while training

This will let the time fly and also helps you making your training easier. Music can really give you a push forward.
For example, try this album for instant energy:


EDM Workout

It contains 38 tracks, which is a lot, so it can be used for multiple training sessions over a long period without getting bored by it.
Buy it here

This kick off post about EDM Workout Tips was quiet a long one because of the introduction.
My goal is to write very short posts so they are easy to read and to learn. I wish you the best for 2016 and good luck with your training sessions! Whatever you do, where ever you are: DO NOT GIVE UP!