These days, Deadmau5 is famous for far more than just creating music. From his frequent video game streams to his cats, many of his personal, at-home antics have become the topic of conversation. Two of his most recognized (and expensive) accessories, however, have always been his custom cars.

The Purrari, which made its final farewell this January, was recently replaced with an outrageously detailed Lamborghini Huracan, affectionately named the Nyanborghini Purracan. This paired with his Frozen Black/Orange MSO painted McLaren P1 now stand as his two rides of choice.

Now, for the very first time, we’ve received videos of the entire detailing work that was done to each car. Sekanskin, the artists that constructed the two’s exteriors, teamed up with Ironwrks to present to fans of Deadmau5 and custom car enthusiasts alike the painstaking, behind-the-scenes process.

Using meticulous vinyl placement and part deconstruction of the vehicle itself, the artists are able to completely reinvent the car’s looks. The six-minute, high definition videos present the work in incredible, comprehensive detail.

Watch the clips below.







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