Apple Music has arrived on Android. The app launched in the Play Store today and is available in every region that Apple Music currently serves, except for China. Most of Apple Music’s features have made the jump, including Beats 1, Connect, and custom music suggestions; the only things that aren’t available are music videos and the ability to sign up for a family plan. The details come from TechCrunch, which spoke with Apple’s Eddy Cue about the launch. The app is said to be in a “beta” release for now, with its missing features being added back in before that label is removed.

This is Apple’s first real Android app; its others are Beats’ products and a migration tool, making this the first Apple-branded app that people will continually use. Apple has even tried to make it “look and feel like an Android app,” Cue tells TechCrunch. Though it doesn’t exactly go all in on Google’s Material Design style, flourishes have been changed here and there to make Apple Music look much less like an app designed for iOS. The app still relies on an Apple ID for sign ups, and existing subscribers will be able to use their account to sync any music that they’ve already set up. Like on iOS, Apple is offering a free three-month trial period for new users on Android.



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