Aly and Fila

Another sad night for the dance music community; Fadi from Aly and Fila was asked to end his set early as the club wanted (had?) to make way for a VIP performance. We aren’t talking about Armin van Buuren or Diplo… the VIP happened to be the son of the Malaysian Prime Minister.

The incident occured at the Zouk club in Singapore where Aly and Fila frequently play; on the day, Fila was promised he would be able to play his usual set which would allow him to finish between 4:15 – 4:30. Club management proposed a B2B session between Fila & the VIP, but Fadi (obviously) refused. However, a few minutes later, Byden basically asked the trance legend to make way for the Minister’s son.

Such behaviour poisons the essence of our community. Fila didn’t let the incident go quitely as he addressed the crowd with what really happened before swearing to never perform at the club again.

Here’s Aly and Fila’s official statement on the matter.




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