Steve Angello as executive producer

Back in September, Steve Angello announced his upcoming involvement as the Executive Music Producer for a new show on The CW TV Network called The Drop. Not to be confused with that project, Angello has more recently announced that he is adopting an Executive Producer role for yet another television series set within the world of electronic dance music.

The unnamed show’s premise will follow a DJ and his life in electronic music and of course, will prominently feature Angello’s own music.

Further details about the show remain sparse, as the series is still actively seeking a showrunner and a final green light. Primary Wave Entertainment is leading the negotiations behind the show and is reportedly also working on a similarly themed feature film about the EDM world. The feature film will be based off of the novelSex, Drugs and The DJ by production partner Isabel Adrian and also will utilize Steve Angello’s original tracks.

Hopefully, with Angello’s guidance and lessons gleamed from previous attempts, the potential film will fair better than Zac Efron’s dismal spotlight in We Are Your Friends, released earlier in 2015.

[Via: mixmag and Variety]



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