Soundcloud has long had to battle between the wills of fans, artists, and music publishers in regard to music takedowns.

The international music platform has been reinventing itself throughout the past year, after unrolling its latest Soundcloud Go subscription stream service. Soundcloud founder and technical manager Erich Wahlforss spoke with German publication about the benefits of the new subscription service, including the improvement to DJ mixes. In the past, DJ mixes were often flagged for take-downs due to copyright restrictions. This became problematic for fans and artists alike, making it difficult for artists to engage with their audience without the fear of losing growing track statistics.

According to Wahlforss, during the negotiation period with Soundcloud Go, the platform developed new agreements with publishing rights organization to ensure that the music being sampled in DJ mixes is properly attributed to the original artist.

Soundcloud recently circulated through web headlines following speculation that Spotify was no longer in talks with Soundcloud to purchase the competitive streaming platform. Wahlforss could not comment on the rumors, but did say that Soundcloud is pursuing a new business model that has already received a $70 million dollar investment from Twitter.

H/T: DJ Mag



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