Remember when Diplo told us we should expect new Jack U material during Coachella? Yeah neither do we. In any event, there has been no shortage of artists looking for some crossover appeal to become the next Justin Beiber and close out Ultra’s manstage. We have to give credit to the Jack U duo for keeping such a tight lid on their new music as its being developed, but that doesn’t mean they wont tease the living daylights out of us all.

The latest example of this comes via a tweet from hip-hop artist Rae Sremmurd (which is “drummer’s ear” backwards by the way).

As with most of these Jack U collab teaser tweets, that’s literally all we know at this point. For those of you who think all of this is just aimless teasing, don’t forget that “Where Are U Now” began in much the same way way back in February of 2015.


H/T: EDM Tunes




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