Jerrami HopeBrand new release by Jerrami and we absolutely LOVE this tune! We are so proud that we can release another track by the upcoming talent which is filled with all the elements you are looking for in a proper Dance track. This track, called hope, is filled with massive energy, positive synarchy and this is all coming together in the HUGE drop Jerrami has made!

Jerrami already released a killer tune in October 2014 with us called Dreams, and his latest addition (Hope) is no exception on the great style he puts out there. The incredible Jerrami is still doing his solo tunes and all sounds are made by the upcoming legend himself. A brilliant progressive productions which you should play out loud at any main stage festival you playing at! The track is building up pretty fast but Jerrami knows how to deliver a precious break down in the middle of this huge anthem. If you are on the look for a great new crowd pleaser do not look any further! Jerrami with Hope is the one to go for! TUNE!

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