Martin Garrix looks like he’s all set for 2016. The superstar DJ had a sit down with Twitter Video where he talks about the EDM scene and his plans for this year. An interview from his New Year’s Eve concert in Dubai gives an interesting insight into Martin’s life at the moment. It seems Garrix is only heading up and is motivating other aspiring producers in the process.

“I just moved out of my parents’ house earlier this year. First few years I made music, it sounded like sh*t”

The youngster yet again confirms the arrival of his debut album which we can expect to be released in the second half of this year. He also quickly mentions expanding his horizons in terms of music, Martijn looks to collaborate with some “rappers and singers”; presumably entering the pop domain.

Check out the full video below.

On another note, Garrix seems to be least affected by the end of his relationship with Spinnin’.


source: weraveyou



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