If you think the dance music scene is big in the US, just wait until you hear how much it’s taking the rest of the world by storm. Unless you’ve been too hung up on the happenings in your own neck of the woods, you may have noticed that our culture is rapidly spreading to all corners of the globe, as new festivals, nightclubs and events continue to pop up in big cities on the regular. Here are the top five international destinations that should be on your radar for 2016.



Korea has undoubtedly the biggest dance music scene out of any Asian country that I’ve experienced. I spent two years living and teaching English in Seoul, and I had an absolute blast raving nearly every weekend.

Korean people are lively and energetic, and they know how to get down better than any other culture I’ve ever seen. Almost everyone religiously drinks soju—a rice liquor similar to Japanese sake—and it’s sold for $1 per small bottle. Take a few bottles of this good stuff down the hatch, and you’ll understand exactly why the Korean crowd is always ready to get wild and rowdy. And just wait until you see how they dance; it’ll blow your mind!

Notable nightclubs in Seoul: Octagon, Ellui, Syndrome, Mass, Answer

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