Brand new interview, this week with Stormy Monroe.

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What was your first EDM track you have heard which made you fall in love with this genre?
I have always had a love for EDM, but the one song that pulled me in was Sandstorm by Darude. The build-ups, transitions and drops at the time were insane.

When did you first start with music?
I’ve been beat boxing and hitting on every object that made a noise since I can remember. I’ve teamed up with some dope producers and have been able to deliver sonically what you can only describe as a PERFECT STORM!! I consider myself an EDM artist, allowing myself that channel to vocally express myself while working with producers building tracks from scratch.

How did you came up with your DJ name?
I am STORMY a.k.a. “STORMY ATL”. Stormy comes from my New Orleans upbringing and represents one of the biggest natural disasters “Hurricane Katrina” that I was personally affected by. When we evacuated, others called us “storm” victims or acknowledged me as coming to Atlanta from the storm. The “ATL” is my way of paying homage to the city of Atlanta that showed me so much love and now rides with me.


Which DAW do you use and why?
I currently work with Pro Tools, because it offers better pre/post production and mixing for me as an overall “artist” and not just a producer.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, what would be your top 3 (and why)?
My top 3 collabs will be Flosstradamus because honestly I just LOVE their sound and energy. Diplo will make the list because of his overall diversity and arrangement in his music. The next will be a battle between Calvin Harris because he masters the electropop/dance and the other is one of my new inspirations The Chainsmokers,

What do you usually drink when you are in the studio to get inspiration?
Hands down anyone can tell you Titos Vodka cut with water…oh of course honey for the vocals lol!

If you could travel the world as a DJ what would be the three items you will always bring with you in your bag?
1. My MAC  2. My external hard drive 3.  My GoPro


2016 is almost over, what can we expect in the upcoming year from you?
I’m releasing my EP “Venom Kisses (Electropop/Dance) on 12.12.16 produced by Harvey Miller (L.A.), Omar Sheikk(Australia) and The “University” (my production team in Atlanta led by Andre “Dre the URL” Williams) and plan on releasing a couple singles, if not another album in 2017. Definitely DJ’ing much much more in 2017 and looking forward to being added to a couple festivals and beat fest!



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