Steve Aoki has always been a controversial figure in dance music, whether it’s for being accused of faking his DJ sets to the infamous cake throwing act he does at the end of his sets, Aoki is a man always in the spotlight and quite often it’s not for the right reasons.

Having been involved in a lawsuit not so long ago where it was accused that Aoki broke a fan’s neck while stage-diving, this time the American has gotten himself in hot water for a “cake-related injury” at one of his sets back in March of last year.

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

A fan named Raymond Collins is suing Aoki after he claimed to have avoided being hit with the cake, but then slipped and sustained head injuries in the aftermath of the cake being thrown. While maybe not just as serious as the broken neck incident, there could still have been quite a lot of damage done with the fan pressing multiple charges against Aoki.

source: weraveyou