In the last couple of months there have been a fair few tracks reaching the number #1  position which sound very familiar to a lot of us. We can see a familiar trend in the sounds of these particular hit records: they all have been using sounds, samples and parts of tracks released in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s! We feel that the creativity of the artists are lacking and that it seems to get really hard to create new, unreleased Electronic Dance Music without using parts of the hits of yesterday. Though this problem does not only occur in House, Future House and Electro House genres, we also “hear” this trend of sampling in different genres outside EDM.

Do DJ’s and producers want to get that #1 hit instantly, do they lack creativity or is it a demand from their fans? Do we want to hear that 80’s hit with a new beat around it or is it something that the labels want? These are all questions we do not know the answers for but what we do know is that we have found some tracks that are top 10 hits and have been using samples of Hit Records from the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s!

1. Luca Debonaire – I Wanna Say Yes

The first track we highlight is Luca Debonaire’s “Wanna Say Yes”. Which contains a very familiar sample…This particular sample has also been used in the following track:

It is not the first time we hear the sample with violins, made famous by “Van Helden” with: “You Know It” and later by Bob Sinclair and many others. The origin was from “Carrie Lucas – Dance With You” in Original Mix, it is rare 1977’s track, only few vinyl copies have been published, but you can enjoy the original track right here:

2. Joe Stone – The Party ft. Montell Jordan (This Is How We Do It)

the second track we highlight is “Joe Stone – The Party (feat. Montell Jordan)”. For this track we can refer  to the original by Montell Jordan: “This is How We Do It (1995) ft Montell Jordan” Vocal it’s the same, with a little tonal pitch.

3. Mr. Belt & Wezol – Finally

Already the third track but we have all heard this record. The original comes from 1991 when it was released under Ce Ce – Finally:

4. Tujamo & Danny Avila – Cream

Already at place 4 we come across Tujamo’s and Danny Avila’s “Cream”. Both producers have used samples from well known producer Federico Franchi’s “Cream”:


We feel that it will be only a short trend that we will be using samples of old tracks and put our own name on it, in the end we all want new tracks that are fresh and new so we are looking towards a bright future in 2016 (for example with the upcoming album of Steve Angello) with fresh new tracks!

written by: Diego Vona



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