Father & son (Marco V and Thomas Newson) are not only an unique and perfect combination on the dancefloor, but also in the studio!
Using Marco V‘s wide experience and Thomas Newson‘s infinite talent they finished their newest creation titled ‘Tumbleweed’‘Tumbleweed’ features a progressive and refreshing techy sound, as this massive tune is promised to be heard on all the big stages! Release date set to December 7th via Fedde Le Grand‘s own imprint Flamingo Recordings.

Listen Thomas Newson & Marco V’s hot track ‘Tumbleweed’ here:

With no shortage of European contenders to battle against, Newson’s ascent can be attributed to a genuine focus on quality from the outset. Bent on matching tough sounds with melodic composure, that balance between the club floor and the expanding radio market is the route through which the young talent has built an impressive repertoire with artists from across the industry spectrum. In his own words, it’s the combination of great ideas alongside talented people that make the kind of unforgettable moments in music that Thomas Newson wants to be a part of.

If Thomas Newson represents the precedent set for the next generation of big room stars then its future looks brighter than ever.



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