Every now and then there is that one artist you spot on the internet and you think: hey, this is an unique sound I really want to hear more! That exact feeling is something we had with Drop.Kick.Pop. And the best part is: Drop.Kick.Pop has just released his new album and we are very glad that we could have a small chat with him! We also have featured one of his tracks called “Deephaus” featuring Sami Stevens. Drop.Kick.Pop has done his upmost best to make this single one of a kind, and that is something you definitely can hear:

What was your first EDM track you have heard which made you fall in love with this genre?  I’ve loved house and Drum and Bass for years, the first “EDM” track was probably Raise Your Weapon by deadmau5 in 2010.  The juxtaposition of ballad and “rip your face off” dub step was – at that time, very exciting, and it opened some doors to me with regards to what you could get away with, dynamically.  A lot of the Nero stuff was of interest to me at that time as well.  


When did you first started with producing music?  Probably 2005 while still at Berklee.  Although I immersed myself in electronica in 2012 and haven’t looked back!

How did you came up with your DJ name?  drop.kick.pop is a 21st century, EDM take on the 1960’s mantra “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll!”  Some people assume I am implying something disparaging about pop culture or pop music and that isn’t the case.

Which DAW do you use and why? I produce in Logic.  I think it is the best in terms of features and ease of use, unlike the shameless sole proprietors behind Pro Tools.  If i want to record, I press “R” not “command, space bar”  If I need a sound there are plenty there to start with, I don’t have to rewire Reason.  And If I want to update I don’t have to re-buy ALL of my Plug-ins!  Avid would necessitate using their own machine if they could get away with it…  Live I either use Ableton or Traktor depending on the show.

What are your favorite plugins for synths, mastering and effects?  I like all of the Native Instruments stuff.  SONiVOX’s Wobble makes a few appearances on this album as well.  For mastering I really like iZotope’s Ozone!  However I do hire professional mix/mastering engineers (Andy Abel/Phil Magnotti).  I cannot be any more effusively with praise about iZotope’s Stutter Edit!  It is amazing – so much fun to work with!  I’ve used it on every track in obvious and not so obvious ways.  Many of the sounds you hear on the record are actually my guitar.  I use Guitar Rig, a Digitech Whammy Pedal, the Kill Switch in my ESP and a custom loop from Analog Man Guitar Effects to create most to the glitchy EDM-isms we know and love!  You wouldn’t necessarily know without watching me do my thing.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, what would be your top 3 (and why)?  Bj ork – she’s the Queen, she has such a unique voice/approach.  Buckethead – I just really want to meet him!  Kool Keith – Baddest MC!  He’s a legend!  Whatever would come out of that session would be absolutely priceless!

What do you usually drink when you are in the studio to get inspiration?  LOL Seltzer water!  I’d love to say “A bottle of Mumm and some Newports, but that isn’t conducive to creating anything… except maybe 18 years of aalimony checks. 

If you could travel the world as a DJ what would be the three items you will always bring with you in your bag?  Testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch… That’s 4.  

2016 just started, what can we expect in the upcoming year from you?  Playing shows, new videos, more collabs, and without a doubt new music!  

drop.kick.pop album

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