Earlier this week, we brought you the news about a brand new partnership with technology behemoth NVIDIA and deadmau5. The visual computing pioneers who have decided to work with Joel aim to create five massive machines which will take in the best of both worlds for a one of a kind experience.

In Episode 2 of ‘The deadmau5 Project’, Joel takes viewers behind the scenes to discuss his iconic mau5heads at length. As he goes through several of his retired pieces, we also get to know about how intricate and technically advanced they are. With each head being individually handmade, the mau5trap boss also shared some interesting stories attached with each of the pieces.

Also, as the center of attention sticks to the creation of the ‘Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab’, check out the entire episode below and stay tuned for the last installment of the series set to drop on Friday!


H/T thebanginbeats.com