A brand new track on We Want EDM, and we are very proud to present to you Ranzom in the remix! We have found yet again an exclusive track which we LOVE to share with you boys and girls, Ranzam gave an unique and energetic twist to Dada Life’s “Last Night On Earth”.

About Ranzom

Ranzom is a DJ/ Producer from Germany. He mainly produces House and Dubstep but is also very interested in any other generes. Born in 1998, he grew up in Stuttgart. At the age of 13, he started producing his own tracks and in 2013 he finished his first EP, the “Creakcheater – EP“. In late 2013 he joined RandomStyle Records. His first release there was also his most popular song, “Arcade“. Producing heavy and progressive tracks, he‘s got his inspiration from many different generes and artists like Knife Party or Zomboy.

“Another great new remix on We Want EDM by Ranzom”

Get to know Ranzomranzom2

At We Want EDM we love to get to know our artists, and this week we have had a talk with Ranzom to see what he is up to, and what we can expect from him in the near future! This is one of those talents you just have to put on your watch list! Get to know him:

What was your first EDM track you have heard which made you fall in love with this genre?

It was LRAD from Knife Party wich made me fall in love with EDM. It has got this pressure and tightness wich is really unique for this genre and it creates such an iconic atmosphere on the dance floor, wich – in my opinion – is one of the most essential things in dance music.

When did you first started with producing music?

I started producing my own beats when I was 12. After first producing some beats for my live sets I developed into making my own Remixes and Originals especially in genres like Hip-Hop or Trap.

How did you came up with your DJ name?

I think it was just pure ranzomness that this name came into my mind 😉

Which DAW do you use and why?

I mostly prefer Ableton but currently I am also learning Logic Pro

What are your favorite plugins for synths, mastering and effects?

My favorite Plugin is definitely NI Komplete Rounds; It creates some really crazy and deep sounds wich are although in really high quality. It gives me so much input for my songs so its a Plugin I can’t live without. I’m also working with many effects from MeldaProductions wich deliver a really cool range of audio effects and some strong and heavy synths.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, what would be your top 3 (and why)?

I would collaborate with Skrillex, Diplo & Jauz. Because they deliver inspiration for many of my songs and they are also big idols for me.

What do you usually drink when you are in the studio to get inspiration?

I usually drink something creative like Bacardi or Beer. It just gives me the right input for creating crazy vibes.

If you could travel the world as a DJ what would be the three items you will always bring with you in your bag?

I would always take my friends and family with me. because that gives me the right feeling for being creative and having fun out there. It’s always good for me to have some familiar faces in the crowd. And my Laptop ofc.. Making music on the road is just great. You get so much new inspiration from people you meet or places you have been to. If you capture this inputs in your music it can take everything to a whole new, deeper level.

2016 just started, what can we expect in the upcoming year from you?

2016 I will be releasing some new remixes and my brand new forthcoming EP called “Haua Banga”

I hope that I can also start with my new Podcast Series “TwerkBox” soon.

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