We’re used to seeing Daft Punk in their robot helmets nowadays, but thanks to a new bunch of photos from over 20 years ago, we can revisit how they looked back in the day.

Pictures from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s first ever live UK tour have surfaced, capturing them in action at Heavenly Social, London After Midnight and Tribal Gathering in 1995 and ’96. 766518_orig 2507534_orig 3000728_orig 3069411_orig 5368742_orig 6428615_orig 7626018_orig 8387779_orig 9148819_orig 9724398_orig

Find more photos on ifcwdjd, and Daft Bootlegs, they’ll give a decent little insight into their live setup way back.
Head here for even more old school scans of the French duo.

source: mixmag