A brand new track by CoolFace on We Want EDM! Check out this massive tune, which will be played massively throughout this years Ibiza Festival Season!

What was your first EDM track you have heard which made you fall in love with this genre?

I created “Never Give Up” over a year ago. I had already previously released a few Instrumental Tracks (Courage, FURY, Champion), and decided to do a Progressive House track. I was looking for a good Vocalist and came across Tara Louise. She is a great singer and I felt her voice was Perfect for the track. After we were done, I tried to look for a release on some Top Labels such as Sony, Ultra, and Big Beat, but was unsuccessful. I then decided to release “Never Give Up” on my very own label, which is Audio Life Recordings. Since the Release and Jumpstart of my Label, the support and feedback has been Incredible! “Never Give Up” has been in rotation on Internet and FM stations all around the World! It is also available on all Digital Music Stores and Streaming Sites.

When did you first started with producing music?

I got into Electronic Music as a child. The first Electronic Music Album I ever owned was “The Prodigy-The Fat of The Land”. I had gotten their album as a gift for my 8th Birthday and from there I just continued to listen to more and more Electronic Music names (Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Chemical Brothers, Moby, etc.) I used to play on my Synthesizer at about 5 years old making small melodies, but I didn’t start producing full-on until 2013.

How did you came up with your DJ name?

The Name “CoolFace” was a name I picked up when I was involved in Dancehall/Reggae. I pursued a career in Dancehall/Reggae as a Choreographer for about 10 years. When I decided to take EDM serious I wanted to bring a piece of my Dancehall Culture with me so I kept the name “CoolFace” as a reminder of where I came from.


Which DAW do you use and why? 

I used to play with FL, but I started to use Logic Pro X to create my tracks. I am big fan of Nicky Romero, and when I saw that he actually uses Logic, I decided to start learning how to use it, being that he is one of my biggest inspirations in Producing Electronic Music. Also the stock sounds and plug ins are really helpful in creating a Rough Draft.

What are your favorite plugins for synths, mastering and effects?

Right now my favorite Plug-ins and VSTs are Nexus2, Spire, KickStart, Waves, and Ozone 7.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, what would be your top 3 (and why)?

If I can collaborate with any Artist I would definitely pick names that are out of the Box. I would have to say Travis Scott, Twenty One Pilots, and Grace Mitchell. All 3 of them have a style that is very unique and a sound that is hard to copy. Also all 3 of them are Non-EDM so that would make the Project so much more Spontaneous.

What do you usually drink when you are in the studio to get inspiration?

In the Studio I usually drink a RedBull or a couple shots of Scotch to get me going.

If you could travel the world as a DJ what would be the three items you will always bring with you in your bag?

As far as Touring, 3 items I always need are My Macbook, Headphones, and Audio Interface, These 3 items help me to Produce, make Edits, and put together Sets on-the-go.

2016 just started, what can we expect in the upcoming year from you?

For the the Future of CoolFace and my Music, I would say to expect more High-Energy Sounds, a lot of Entertainment, and a lot of Dancing!

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