For Coca-Cola’s new marketing campaign, they will be tapping into the world of electronic music.  Swedish star Avicii will be teaming up with Australia-based Conrad Sewell, featured on Kygo’s hit “Firestone,” to produce “Taste the Feeling,” Coke’s new jingle for various commercials and TV spots.

When the campaign began, Coca-Cola was looking for artists who understood the vision of Coke, yet still had their personality intact, and Avicii fit that mold.  Joe Belliotti, head of global music for Coca-Cola, explains “You also want to find artists who can bring their own personality to a song while maintaining the Coca-Cola sound. That’s how we landed on Avicii. We’ve worked with him on several projects, and he knows how to create optimistic, uplifting music that resonates with listeners around the world. He has a melodic and musical sensibility that draws you in… he creates songs with a modern feel with traditional instruments in the mix.”

Avicii seems equally excited for the opportunity as well.  He stated, ““This project was a no-brainer for me in many ways. Coca-Cola is one of the brands and long-term relationships where I don’t have to compromise my own integrity and persona to get behind. I really liked the original demo and after some intense weeks in the studio working on the production and trying to nail down the right vocalist for the song, we were able to present a finished version to Joe and the team that just turned out amazing.”

The lead single with Avicii will be released soon. Additionally, Avicii will release versions produced for UEFA EURO 2016 and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The original, acoustic version by Conrad Sewell is available below to listen.


Source : weraveyou