Ableton is at it again with another impressive update, unveiling their new Push 2 and Live 9.5 software this week.

The new Push 2 has a bit larger appearance that includes a multi-color screen, new sampling features, and smoother pads. The Push 2 is available in stores now starting at $799 (get it here). Push 2 also has VST andAU support on Push 2 which helps adjust self-made instruments in the rack.

Current Ableton users can download the 9.5 Ableton Live update for free by logging in to their account. A new syncing system will also allow iOS apps to work with the new update. One Shot Mode lets you play back samples faster. The last video below shows how you can shape sounds and use 9.5. There is also a MIDI twister in the video which you can grab here.

Read a review here from DJ Tech Tools and watch the promo video and photos below for more info. There will also be more features to come with syncing.

Ableton is also giving Push 1 users the chance to trade in their working Push 1 models for a 30% credit for Push 2. Ableton is donating Push 1 units to organizations worldwide.

Push 2

Overview of Features in Ableton Push 2

Making a Beat with Push 2

Live 9.5 update

Source: DJ Tech Tools



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